Philly Cheesesteak Baguette

Modeled after Philadelphia!
Baguette with fine strips of beef, bacon, onion, and then topped with spicy cheddar. If you like it cheesy and hearty, you should definitely try it!

Whole baguette, € 10,-

The Austrian baguette

Baguette with wonderfully juicy roast pork, braised onions, crispy vegetables, fresh parsley and honey-mustard sauce.

Whole baguette, € 10,-


Wagner’s classic

Baguette with pink Beirid topped with spicy cheddar cheese, red wine onion, crispy bacon, Wagner’s cocktail sauce, pickle, fried vegetables and roasted onions.

Half a baguette, € 6,50

Whole baguette, € 10,-

The Italian

Baguette with crispy chicken schnitzel in parmesan breading,
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, pesto and arugula.

Half a baguette, € 6,50

Whole baguette, € 10,-

The Mexican

Baguette with juicy chicken breast, guacamole with coriander, roasted vegetables, Pomegranate seeds and lime aioli.

Half a baguette, € 6,50

Whole baguette, € 10,-

The vegan

Baguette with oriental falafel, guacamole, vegan lime aioli, roasted vegetables and fresh tomatoes.

Half a baguette, € 6,50

Whole baguette, € 10,-


All baguettes are served with:

»Crunchy wok vegetables and fresh tomatoes
»Homemade sauce of your choice (see below)
»Bacon (except tofu and falafel baguettes)
»Spicy bacon (except falafel baguette)

Half a baguette, € 5,50

Whole baguette, € 8,50

Crispy fries, € 3,-


Steak baguette

with Beiried from Austria.

Burger baguette

with hearty burger pattie.


Tofu baguette

with rustic tasted tofu pattie.

Falafel baguette

with oriental falafel.


Portion, € 1,50

» Paul’s chili sauce
» Wasabimayo
» Lime aioli

» Wagner’s special cocktail sauce
» Dill Chives Sour Cream
» Honey mustard sauce


Chili sin carne, € 9,50

The proof that chilli can taste super hearty even without meat. Served with baguette.

Falafel plate, € 9,50

Super crispy homemade falafel with Mediterranean salad, wok vegetables, french fries and lime aioli.


Brownie, € 4,50

Homemade brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel popcorn

Cold drinks 0,5l

Coca Cola, € 3.00
Cola Zero, € 3.00
Frucade, € 3.00
Iced tea, € 3.00
Sparkling mineral, € 3.00
Apple juice sprayed, € 3.00
Splashed orange juice, € 3.00
Soda lemon, € 3.00
Red Bull, € 4.00

Beer and wine

Beer, Stiegl 0,3, € 3.00
Beer, Stiegl 0,5, € 4.00
Radler 0,5, € 4.00
Wine w. Soda 1/4, € 2.50
Wine, Welschriesling, € 3.50
Wine, Zweigelt, € 3.50

Hot drinks

Pot of tea 0.5, € 3.50
Small espresso, € 2.00
Large espresso, € 3.00
Melange, € 3.00
Extended, € 2.50
Cafe Latte, € 3.50

Our service staff will be happy to provide you with information about the allergens contained in the dishes.
All prices mentioned include VAT.